Twelve-spot Tiger Beetle
Location: Weaselhead, Calgary, AB
Date: Aug. 1, 2011
      Photo 1

Common Name:  Twelve-spot Tiger Beetle

Latin Name:  Cicindela duodecimguttata Dejean, 1825
                        (R. Bercha, det.)

Length:  12 to 15 mm

Range: Southern 2/3 of Alberta

Habitat:  Near water on moist sand, mud or clay.

Time of year seen:  April - September (Additional Sightings)

Diet: Insects

Other:  A common widespread species found from the Rocky Mountains east to the Atlantic coast.  They can be distinguished from Bronzed Tiger Beetles by their short shoulder marks which are distinctly separate from the other markings.  Markings range from clear and well formed to light and scant. These beetles are typically found on moist substrates (sand, mud and clay) near water.  Burrows range from 6 to 10cm in depth.  Adult beetles have a tendency to scavenge dead insects.  They have a two year life cycle with both the adults and larvae over wintering. (Pearson et al, 2006 & Acorn, 2001) 


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