Alexandra Sulphur
Location: Rolling Hills Lake, AB
Date: May 19, 2006
       Photo 1

Common Name:  Alexandra Sulphur, Queen Alexandra's Sulphur

Latin Name:  Colias alexandra Edwards, 1863b
                        (N. Kondla, det.)

Wingspan:  40 - 55 mm

Range:  Southern 1/4 of Alberta

Habitat:  Grasslands

Time of year seen: May to September

Caterpillar's Diet: Pea family plants

Other:  There are two brood of the Alexandra Sulphur each year.  One from May 13th to July 3rd, peaking between late May to mid June and  the second from July 23rd to September 1st, peaking in late July to mid August.  Female C. alexandra are white with significantly reduced wing borders.  Both the males and females have a characteristic unringed white discal spot on the ventral hind wing surface.  (Bird et al, 1995 and Acorn, 1993)

Photo courtesy N. Kondla 2006.

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