Ambush Bug
Location: Cabin Lake, AB
Date: Aug. 17,  2012
      Photo 6

Common Name:  Ambush Bug

Latin Name:  Phymata americana americana Melin, 1930
     (R. Bercha, det.)

Length:  9 - 11 mm

Range:  Southern Alberta

Habitat: Only in the Prairies

Time of year seen:  Summer (Additional Sightings)

Diet: Insects

Other: P. americana americana is one of only two species of Ambush Bug in Alberta.  Typically the bug will use it's yellow and brown coloration to camouflage itself on a yellow flower (such as goldenrod) and then wait to ambush an unsuspecting pollinating insect.  The front legs of the Ambush Bug are very strong and it can capture insects as large as Bumblebees and Butterflies.  After the victim is pinned the Ambush Bug injects digestive juices into it and sucks the soup out. (J. Acorn, 2000)  



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