Purple-Rimmed Carabus

Location: Calgary, AB
Date: May  5,  2008

      Photo 1

Common Name:  Purple-Rimmed Carabus

Latin Name:  Carabus nemoralis Müller, 1764
                        (R. Bercha, det.)

Length:   21 - 26 mm

Range: Alberta

Habitat:  Parks and gardens, also cultivated ground

Time of year seen: March to October (Additional Sightings)

Diet: Insects, slugs and worms

Other:  The Purple-Rimmed Carabus was originally imported to North America from Europe.  Since that time it has become common place in cities across Canada and the United States.  It is not found in natural places - only within cities.  It is named for the iridescent purple rim found around the edges of its pronotum and the outside edges of its elytra (wing covers).  Although purple is the normal color, there is some variation within the species, and the odd blue rimmed beetle occurs (see inset on page 3) .  The beetles typically come out at night and hunt slugs, worms and other insects.  It releases a defensive odor reminiscent of rotten fruit when handled.  (Acorn, 2000) 


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