Vivid Metallic Ground Beetle

Location: Calgary, AB
Date: May 20,  2007

      Photo 1

Vivid Metallic Ground Beetle

Common Name:  Vivid Metallic Ground Beetle

Latin Name:  Chlaenius sericeus sericeus (Forster, 1771)
                        (R. Bercha, det.)

Length: 11.9 - 16.1 mm  

Range:  Alberta

Habitat: Riparian areas

Time of year seen:  April to June  (Additional Sightings)

Diet: Dead or injured insects

Other: The name Vivid Metallic Ground Beetle comes from the vibrant metallic coloration of these beetles.  Upon close examination of  their elytra a layer of fine hairs is noticeable.  These beetles prefer riparian habitats such as river banks and wetlands.  Look for them hiding under rocks or debris during the day.  They are fast runners and disappear quickly when disturbed.  When cornered or threatened they can generate a noxious odor.  Chaenius sericeus is a widespread species typically found along the shores of rivers.  The females of this species lay their eggs in small mud cells which are attached to vegetation.  (Arnett et al, 2001 & Eaton et al, 2007)



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