Dod's Old World Swallowtail
Location: Lethbridge, AB
Date: May 15, 1982
       Photo 1

Dod's Old World Swallowtail - dorsal

Common Name:  Dod's Old World Swallowtail

Latin Name:  Papilio machaon dodi McDunnough, 1939
                        (F. Spirling, det.)

Wingspan: 65 - 80 mm

Range:  Southern Alberta

Habitat:  Dry grasslands near badlands, deep river valleys and roadcuts.

Time of year seen: May to August

Caterpillar's Diet: Dragonwort

Preferred Flowers: Alfalfa, groundsel and sweet broom

Other: Due to the variable nature of  Old World Swallowtails there are three recognized subspecies in Alberta (Acorn, 1993).  Dod's Old World Swallow tail is typically found in the prairies along steep river cuts, badlands and road cuts. 

Photo courtesy N. Kondla 1982.

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