Formica podzolica

Location: Indian Oils, Kananaskis, AB
Date: June 22, 2008

      Photo 2

F. podzolica tending aphids

Common Name: 

Latin Name:  Formica podzolica Francoeur, 1973
                        (J. Glasier, det.)

Length:  ~ 5 mm

Range:  Throughout Alberta

Habitat:  Boreal coniferous forest

Time of year seen:  Summer

Diet: Various

Other: F. podzolica is a shy species that is found in boreal coniferous forests.  Colonies are numerous and easily found. The colonies consist of large mounds which are constructed of sand or soil (see photo 3).  Individual mounds maybe uncovered or over grown with moss and other herbaceous plants.  The social structure of colonies maybe either polygynous or monogynous.  (Francoeur, 1997 & DeHeer, 2004)


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