Formica ulkei

Location: Gull Lake, AB
Date: July 11, 2010

       Photo 2

Formica ulkei

Common Name: 

Latin Name:  Formica ulkei Emery, 1893
                        (J. Glasier, det.)

Length:  ~8 mm

Range:  Throughout Alberta

Habitat:  Edges of swamps, marshes, fens, sedge meadows and wet prairie

Time of year seen:  Summer

Diet: Various

Other: Nests are constructed deep underground with the excavated material forming a conspicuous mound above the nest.  A number of entrance holes are located around the mound near the base or slightly up the sides.  Mounds may be covered with a thin layer of plant debris.  Mound size ranges up to 122 cm in diameter by 45 cm in height.  (Wheeler et al, 1944).


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