Lapposyrphus lapponicus
Location: Barrier Lake, Kananaskis, AB
Date: Aug. 17, 2007
      Photo 1

Lapposyrphus lapponicus

Common Name: 

Latin Name:  Lapposyrphus lapponicus (Zetterstedt), 1838
                        (G. Pennards, det.)

Length:   mm

Range: Throughout Alberta

Habitat:  Various

Time of year seen:  Summer

Larva's Diet:  Nectar

Other: L. lapponicus has a worldwide distribution being present in North America from California to Alaska, then west to Iceland, Greenland and through most of Eurasia and Europe.  A distinguishing feature of this species is the sharp bend in the wings R4+5 vein (the vein that extend to the wing tip in the photo)  This feature only shows in L. lapponicus, not in the similar looking Eupeodes sp. The old name for L. lapponicus was Eupeodes lapponica.  (G. Pennards) 


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