Lauxaniid Fly

Location: Calgary, AB
Date: Jun. 16, 2006

       Photo 1

Lauxaniid Fly

Common Name:  Lauxaniid Fly

Latin Name:  Family Lauxaniidae
                        (P. Beuk, det.)

Length:  ~5 mm

Range: Throughout Alberta

Habitat:  Areas with dense vegetation

Time of year seen:  Summer

Diet:  Various

Other: Flies in the Family Lauxaniidae are typically small, robust flies which are brown, yellow, black or grey in color. The wings of some species are opaque or spotted. Lauxaniidae occur in a broad range of environments including sand dunes, grasslands, mangrove swamps, mountainous areas and forested habitats. The majority of adult flies prefer humid shaded habitats and are often seen on flowers amongst low lying vegetation.  A few species of adult flies have been observed feeding on fungus.

Limited knowledge exists about the larval stages of Lauxaniidae.  The majority appear to feed on decaying vegetable matter.  They can be found in leaf litter, detritus and occasionally in birds nests.  The female flies lay their eggs among leaf debris, where the larvae live before pupating. (Borror et al, 1970)


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