Red-disked Alpine
Location: Okotoks, AB
Date: May 19, 2008
       Photo 1

Common Name:  Red-disked Alpine

Latin Name:  Erebia discoidalis Kirby, 1837
                        (R. Bercha, det.)

Wingspan:  25 - 44 mm

Range: Alberta

Habitat:  Forest meadows

Time of year seen: May to early June (Additional Sightings)

Caterpillar's Diet:  Grasses (Poa species) and sedges

Other:  The Red-disked Alpine is a widespread holarctic species ranging from central Asia to North America.  In North America it is found as far east as Quebec and as far south as Wisconsin.  Butterflies are typically on the wing between May and early June (with the range being April 1st - August 21st) and are typically found flying over meadows and woodland clearings.  By the beginning of June the Red-disked Alpine is found in the northern part of its range.  Larva are thought to over winter and there is only one brood each year.  (Bird et al, 1995 &


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