Variegated Meadowhawk - Sighting Record
Graph Showing Seasonal Distribution of Sighting Records Map Showing Sighting Localities
Table of Sighting Records
Date Location # Observer Verification*
Sept. 24, 2005  Bridlewood Marsh, Calgary, AB  2 RB P
June 24, 2007  South Glenmore Park, Calgary, AB 4 RB P
Aug. 12, 2007  Calgary, AB 1 RB P
July 13, 2008  Nose Hill Park, Calgary, AB 2 RB P
Aug. 2, 2010  Lynx Creek, AB  1 RB P
May 21, 2012   South Glenmore Park, Calgary, AB 1 RB P
Aug. 22, 2015  Ribbon Creek Trail, AB 1 RB P
Sept. 17, 2017  Lloyd Lake, AB 1 RB P

The seasonal and geographic distribution of an insect species is a key part of understanding its natural history.  As such if you have encountered and photographed this insect please email (see home page for e-mail) the following information to Insects of Alberta so it can be included on this page: 1) A hi-res photograph of the subject insect; 2) The date the photograph was taken; 3) The location the photograph was taken at (include the name of the locality and google map coordinates i.e. 51.171440,-114.486744); 4) Your name and 5) Additional comments of interest.  Thank you.

*Verification Abreviations: V= visual, P = photograph, S = specimen, 3P = 3rd party photograph, ES = Expert Source  

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