Sigmoid Prominent
Location: Aldersyde, AB
Date: Aug. 7, 2010
      Photo 1

Sigmond Prominent - darker summer form

Common Name:  Sigmoid Prominent

Latin Name:  Clostera albosigma Fitch, 1855
(R. Bercha, det.)

Wingspan:  28 - 38 mm

Range: Alberta

Habitat: Wooded areas

Time of year seen: May to August

Caterpillar's Diet: Poplar, aspen and willow

Other: A common moth that is attracted to light at night.  It is found across Canada from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland.  There are two generations per year.  The moths are greyish to brown with the outer forewing  marked by a red brown to dark brown patch and separated at the costa by a distinct white "sigma" shaped line.  The earlier spring generation is lighter in color and has four whitish lines on its forewings.  The second summer generation is darker and more uniformly colored (see photo).  The caterpillars are solitary feeders that fold themselves into leaves.  (Covell, 1984 & Powell et al, 2009) 


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