How to Build a Bumble Bee House

To most people the ubiquitous Bumble Bee buzzing around and visiting flowers is a sign that all is well in their garden.  Not only do Bumble Bees do a great job of pollinating flowers, they are also interesting to watch.  One of the best ways to help local Bumble Bee populations to thrive is to provide a house for them to live in.  With a few simple tools, some supplies and a bit of time anyone can build a Bumble Bee house for their garden or backyard.

Building Your Bumble Bee House:

Click on the pictures below to see which tools and materials are required to build your Bumble Bee House, for step by step instructions on how to build it and finally to find out where to put it in your garden or yard.

Additional Information:

You should put your Bumble Bee house out early in the year.  Typically, between March 15 and April 15th depending on where you live in Alberta.  Ensure that it has new nesting material in it as Bumble Bees will not nest in previously used nesting material.  Bumble Bee queens will start looking for nesting sites as soon as it warms up enough for them to emerge from winter dormancy.  At the end of the season, once winter has set in, the bee house should be opened and cleaned out.  Remove and discard all of the nest material and vacuum out the house to remove any detritus.  Then store the bee house in the garage or a shed over winter.

Required Supplies Building Instructions Where to put Your Bee House
Tools and Materials Building Instructions Where to Put your Bee House
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