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  Insects of Alberta Wetlands Presentation: Provides a review of the insect body design, types of metamorphosis, different types of wetlands and then discusses common wetland insect inhabitants including: beetles, true bugs, dragonflies, two-winged flies, mayflies, caddisflies and stoneflies.   

  Insect Body Worksheet:  A basic worksheet that allows bugsters to demonstrate their knowledge of the insect body.  Includes the readily identifiable features of the insect body including: body subdivisions, wing, eye, leg subdivisions, antenna and cercus.  A key is provided to check answers.  

Insect Body Worksheet

  Crawling and Flying Insects of Alberta: This presentation is specifically designed for Grade Two students.  It covers the insect body design, what insects need to survive and a number of common insects in Alberta.  Two short projects and 3 quiz questions are provided to re-enforce the key points.  


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