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There are about 20,000 species of insects in Alberta. They range in size from millimetre long beetles to 10 centimetre long dragonflies.  Due to the sheer number of insects in Alberta, making a photographic record of each, let alone finding them to photograph is a long process. As such this website will be continuously evolving as new insects are photographed and added to it.  In general you will find photographs in it that will allow you to identify the most commonly occurring insects in Alberta and some of the rarer ones too! Check back regularly as new photographs and insects are added.  Enjoy!


Under the Linnaean system of classification insects are placed in the Phylum Arthropoda, Superclass Hexapoda and then the Class Insecta.  Below this they are sub-divided into 28 Orders. The sub-divisions that I have made for each button (on the left of the screen) cover most of the orders. Damselflies will be found under the "Dragonflies" button.  Homoptera (aphids, cicadas and hoppers) and Hemiptera (true bugs) are found under "True Bugs".  Any insect that does not fall into one of these buttons / subdivisions can be found under other insects (i.e. cockroaches, caddisflies, lacewings, ant-lions, springtails, mayflies, and stoneflies).





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Please provide the date and location with all photos to aid in identification - due to the volume of e-mail,  photos without this information will not be identified.



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Please Note: Insects of Alberta does not provide advice on controlling insect pests.  If you need more information beyond what is provided here, either contact a local exterminator or search further on the web.

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