Were to put your Bumble Bee House

Bumble Bee House located out of the way in the corner of the yard behind a bush.

Ideal Location:

Now that you have completed your Bumble Bee House its time to put it outside.  The ideal location has full or partial shade, has minimal human and pet traffic, is well supported (ie will not sway in the wind), does not have any nearby ant colonies and  is away from sprinklers (to avoid flooding).  The Bee house should also be 8 to 12 inches off the ground.  Ideal locations are behind shrubs or bushes in the garden or yard attached to a fence or post.

Another Option:

Instead of attaching it to a fence you can also place it on bricks or cement blocks.  If you do, place one brick on top of the house to prevent it from being knocked over accidentally.

Other Considerations:

Once a queen Bumble Bee has taken up residence in your Bee house you can expect to see bees coming and going in three to six weeks.


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