Clear-winged Grasshopper
Location: Manyberries, AB
Date: June 15,  2000
      Photo 1

Clear-winged Grasshopper

Common Name:  Clear-winged Grasshopper (Scudder)

Latin Name:  Camnula pellucida Scudder, 1863
                        (D. L. Johnson, det.)

Length:  19.5 - 25 mm

Range: All of Alberta, except NE corner

Habitat:  Grasslands and mountain meadows

Time of year seen:  Summer (Additional Sightings)

Diet: Grasses (fescue, bromes, bluegrass and others)

Other:  The clear-winged grasshopper is widely distributed throughout North America. It can be found in  numerous different grassland habitats ranging from northern mixed grass prairie to mountain meadows. A severe pest of  grasses and small grains, it is most destructive early in the season when it can completely decimate spring wheat fields.  Adult grasshoppers are medium sized with yellow to brown coloration.  The forewings are mottled with light stripes along their angles that converge in the middle when the grasshopper is resting.  The hind wings are transparent.  The female is noticeably larger than the male.  (D. Branson et al, 2004)  

Photo courtesy D.L. Johnson 2005.

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